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Buy Tyres Mossley from MDR Autos

Order your Tyres today, just send us a message or call us on 01457 833412

At MDR Autos we carry an extensive range of tyres in stock from most of the leading brands such as Pirelli, Michelin and Goodyear and mid Range and budget brands such as Landsail, Davanti and Hankook. If the tyres that you require aren’t in stock, we can usually get delivery by the next morning, or in some cases by the same afternoon.

We can supply many types of tyre including:

  • Extra Load Tyres
  • Performance/Low Profile Tyres
  • Snow/mud Tyres
  • Trailer/Caravan Tyres
  • Budget Tyres
  • Inner Tubes

When will I know that my Tyres need changing?

You should check your tyres and their pressures as a minimum at least every 2 weeks and before you go on a long journey. If you there is evidence of any of the following then it is time for you to change your tyres.

  • Reduced Tread depth

    How to Check your tread, use the “20p Test”

    tyre tread depth - Tyres Mossley
  • Cracks and splits in the sidewall
  • Blisters and Slits
  • Vibration whilst driving
  • Weird noises
  • Tyre Age

    You can check the age of your tyres by looking for the DOT markings on the side of the Tyre, these give you the week and year that your tyres were made. If your Tyres are over 5 years old you should consider replacing them. tyre mark up information - Tyres Mossley

The cost of your tyre includes the following

  • Disposal of Old Tyre (mentioned above)
  • Fitting of new tyre (including consumables)
  • Balancing of new tyre
  • New Valve

What information do I need when I call to order tyres?

You will need to give us the tyre size, e.g. 185/65/R15 88H or 195/55/15 85V

This combination of numbers and letters can be found on the side wall of the Tyre.

tyre markings - Tyres Mossley

If you have any questions about your tyres then please call MDR Autos on 01457 833412 or complete our Contact form.

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