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Battery Replacement at MDR Autos, Mossley

Battery faults are the most common cause of breakdown, especially in the winter months.

Batteries can die at any time of year but it’s more likely in winter when cold temperatures due to extra use of lights, wipers, heated seats, rear windscreen heater etc.

Many cars stand unused over the Christmas holiday and you can almost guarantee that your already failing battery will fail completely come the new year.

At MDR Autos, we can supply and fit a new car battery the same day at a time to suit you. We also offer a mobile battery replacement service. This means that, within reason, we will come to you and fit your battery with the invoice ready for you to pay by card over the phone.

Our batteries come with a chosen warranty, 3, 4 or 5 years, depending upon your requirements.

We fit a number of different makes, including DURACELL, YUASA, BOSCH and BANNER


Looking after your battery:

At MDR Autos, we can check that clamps and connections to the battery are secure and free from corrosion, but there are a few simple things you can do to reduce the chance of your battery letting you down in the colder months.

If the battery is more than five years old and there’s any sign of it struggling to start the car, get a new one.  It’s much better that you get it done at a time that suits you, rather than as a breakdown (and cheaper too!!).

If you mostly do short journeys or leave the car standing for days at a time, take it out for a long run occasionally. This will re-charge the battery for you.

Check that everything electrical is turned off when you park up – even an interior light, boot light, or radio left on overnight can kill a battery when it’s cold. Turning a car on when the lights, wipers etc. are all on can kill a battery very quickly!

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